Empire Ink


This set includes seven 4oz. bottles

Full Gray Wash Set; 4-Stage Gray Wash, Ivory Black, Classic Black & White.

Gray Wash: Where it all started

Tattoo artists worldwide have turned to using a premixed gray wash. Larger batches offer undeniable consistency. Empire Ink's heals beautifully in cool tones, causing stark contrast between warm skin tones and cooler bluish grays of the inks.

Ivory Black: The darkest black

Ivory Black is Empire's darkest black. Expect a clean and even darker representation of our classic black formula ideal for packing black with excellent saturation. Ivory Black's smooth, consistent blend maintains a medium viscosity and contrasts well with warm skin tones.

Classic Black: The foundation

Empire Ink's black was formulated as a cooler black, contrasting well with warm skin tones while maintaining a medium viscosity.

Classic White: The final step

Empire Ink's spent a lot of time researching different formulas and pigments to help us create a strong white that can be used for both highlights and mixing.

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