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San Francisco, California, not only the Mecca of tattooing, but a haven for self-expression and a place for us to commemorate our diversity and creativity. This is the birthplace of Inktrek, a professional tattoo supply company that was established in 2018.

Owned by artists and created for artists, the idea for Inktrek was born in Sweden and developed in the heart of San Francisco. Our company is ran directly out of our shop, Dream Masters Custom Tattoos, in order to stay true to our mission in being accessible to all artists in the Bay Area. With a strong focus on community, Inktrek was established to bring carefully hand selected, top quality products to the local artists. With over twenty years of being in the tattoo industry, our artists have tested virtually every tattoo equipment available and we select only the top products in the world. Nearly more than ten years from conceptualization, Inktrek has become the trademark for your superior tattoo supply needs. 


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