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Our brand new and most favorite tattoo cartridges!


Did you know that tattooists used to use urine to mix tattoo colors? Disgusting, right? Fortunately, people had more resources now and researched more about getting a precision color in the tattoo inks these days. Having a high-grade pigment on your ink together with the top of the line tools is a must! Here in InkTrek, we teamed up with only the finest, from the equipment, tools, and accessories each produces. We made sure that our clients will get the superior brands of their choice. We partnered with well-known brands that prioritize safety and quality tattoo results.

Choosing the right ink plays an important role in your desired tattoo outcome. You have to consider a number of things such as the maker, ingredients and the levels of metals in the inks, etc. It doesn’t just affect the style that you want on the tattoo, it might also affect your health. We highly suggest that you do a lot of research.

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